"The Thing That I Do" , the second of our stories for National Storytelling Week 2016 week commencing 30th Jan. Recorded at the BBC, produced by Jon Ward, written and read by Gareth Brierley.


In celebration of National Storytelling Week commencing 30th Jan 2016, here's a story recorded at the BBC, produced by John Ward, written and read aloud by Bernadette Russell


In the grand tradition of Christmas Eve ghost story telling, listening and sharing, we present this spooky collection, recorded in Tidemill Studios, located in a (supposedly) haunted Victorian school in Deptford, LONDON SE8. Happy Yuletide all, a Merry Christmas and a peaceful 2016.

Stories include:
A Long Weekend Stay by Elizabeth Philips Scott
Friday 13th by Mike Murphy
A Visit to the Mad Prince by Vincent Manda
The Harrow by James Chisholm
The House by Alan McCormick
The Prisoner of Portmeirion by Zac Thraves
read by Bernadette Russell and Gareth Brierley

Created with the Meet Me at the Albany project this podcast contains interviews with Bernadette Russell (White Rabbit) and participants about their favourite songs and includes a version of "Silent Night" by the resident choir.

Meet Me At The Albany is an all day arts club for seniors in the borough of Lewisham. Developed by Entelechy Arts  and the Albany Theatre, Deptford it runs 50 weeks of the year and takes a breather at Christmas


1.Margaret: Dave Brubeck's "Take Five"

2.Kurban: Elvis Presley "Jailhouse Rock"

3.Audrey: Mary Hopkin "Those Were The Days"

4.Dave: Dean Martin "That's Amore"

5.Ted: Ray Charles "I Can't Stop Loving You"

6.Polly: Billie Holiday "Willow Weep For Me"

7.Ron: Norman Wisdom "Don't Laugh At Me"

8.Pauline: The Four Lads "Dem Bones"

9.Fred: Judy Collins "Amazing Grace"

10. Huw: the Meet Me at The Albany choir sing "Silent Night"

Thanks to Rachel (MD) with Tom (piano),  Ruta (violin) and the Choir


You can find out more about the Meet Me at The Albany project here:




The second and final podcast from our Heroes and Villains series, with stories by Julie Balloo, Michael Spring, Van Demal, Robert Pallot, and Paul Goulden

Read by Bernadette Russell and Gareth Brierley.

First in a two-parter of Heroes and Villains themed stories. Featured in this episode are stories by Nigel Munson, Ahmed Siddiqui, Alan McCormick, Ruth Sedar, Stephen Keyworth and Molly Sweeney. Read by Bernadette Russell and Gareth Brierley.


The last of our podcasts with stories inspired by Alice's Adventures in Wonderland. Featuring  “The Wonderland Mystery”  by Geoffrey Heptonstall, “WHOAMIIAMWHO” by Su Au, “Emily Webb” by David Morgan, “The Adventure” by Katherine Hayes and “Danny Bone” by David Morgan. Read by Gareth Brierley and Bernadette Russell.


The second in our series of podcasts inspired by Alice's Adventures in Wonderland, featuring stories by Steve Folan, Eddy Dreadnought and B J Ellson. Read by Bernadette Russell and Gareth Brierley. The next and final podcast of this series "Off With Their Heads" to follow in June.


The first of three podcasts inspired by the 150 anniversary of the publication of Alice's Adventures In Wonderland. Stories by Julie Baloo, Tristran Hanks, Rachel Malham and Amanda C Cox. Read by Bernadette Russell and Gareth Brierley.


Recorded in a supposedly haunted Victorian school in Deptford, some deliciously dark tales from Debbie Waldon, Van Demal, Alan McCormick, Barney Harper and Melody Parker.

Sweet dreams…..
Bernadette and Gareth

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